In and Around the Club in the 1950s and 1960s

[Koerners and MacKenzies]

(L-R) Leon Koerner, Margaret MacKenzie, Thea Koerner, and Norman MacKenzie at the official opening of the Faculty Club (June 1959)
(UBC Archives photo #3.1/1336)

Front and rear of Faculty Club
[front of Faculty Club] [Faculty Club and garden]

Faculty Club dining room and lounge
[Faculty Club dining room] [Faculty Club lounge] [Faculty Club dining room]

Faculty Club menus
(early 1960s)
[Faculty Club menu cover]
[Faculty Club menu]
[menu items]
[menu items]

[UBC crest] As early as 1960, renovations were made to the ground floor to provide a games room, lounge and cafeteria. By 1964, the noon hour was "strained to the limit". Options under consideration at that time included limiting membership or seeking additional accommodation elsewhere on campus. Members opted instead for a major expansion and the architectural firm of Erickson-Massey designed a 350-seat dining room on the lower level. The "Erickson wing" opened in 1968 at a cost of $700,000 for which members paid through higher dues and a temporary surcharge.

Faculty Club dinner buffets and barbeques
[Faculty Club dinner buffet] [Faculty Club dinner buffet]
[Faculty Club dinner buffet] [Faculty Club barbeque]

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Date: March 1999
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