Vancouver Institute Lectures -- 2020-

Date Speaker(s) Lecture Title

Jan. 25 Levitin, Daniel J. Successful Aging: The neuroscience of the new longevity
Feb. 1 Porter, Catherine Breaking the Rule of Objectivity: A journalist in Haiti (v)
Feb. 8 Hinshaw, Gary What Is the Universe Made Of? Mapping the universe with Chime (v)
Feb. 22 Kalla, Daniel Plagues... Then and Now (v)
Feb. 29 Weir, Ian Adventures In the Storytelling Trade: Truthiness in an age of myth
March 7 Hayter-Menzies, Grant In Search of Emily Carr's Woo: Monkey, muse, mystery
March 14 Gillmor, Don Why are Baby-Boomers Killing Themselves? A look at the growing suicide rate. ***cancelled***
March 21 Finlay, Brett and Jessica Baby Bugs to Aging Bugs: Exploring the microbes pivotal to a healthy long life ***cancelled***
March 28 Homer-Dixon, Thomas Commanding Hope: The power we have tosafeguard a world in peril ***cancelled***



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