University of British Columbia

Schedule No.:


This is a recommendation to (check one):

X -- Establish retention/disposal schedule

Series Title:

Data Management

Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR):

Financial Services

Purpose and Description of Records:

The series consists of four sub-series: Administration and Training, Systems Development, Financial Transaction Ledger, and Operation Delivery Sheets. The records document the administration of the Financial Records System.

Personal Information Bank?

X -- No

Vital Record?

X -- No
(except Financial Transaction Ledger)

Retained by:

X -- Fiscal Year

Retention Period (Years):

Office -- (see below)
Records Centre / Storage --
Total --

Final Disposition:

X -- Destruction
(except Financial Transaction Ledger)

Retention Instructions:

Financial Services is the only office which retains these records, and each sub-series has different retention periods. Records filed under Administration and Training and under Systems Development are retained until superceded or obsolete, then destroyed. Operation Delivery Sheets are retained for six months, then destroyed. The Financial Transaction Ledger is retained permanently.

Appraisal Rationale:

Since data included in these records relates to the Financial Records System database, which is maintained permanently, most of them need only be retained for a short time, the exception being the Financial Transaction Ledger.

Date of Initial Publication:

12 August 1997