University of British Columbia

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X -- Establish retention/disposal schedule

Series Title:

Student Record Cards

Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR):

Registrar's Office

Purpose and Description of Records:

This series contains the official records of students who where admitted to the University between 1915 and 1967, and have not registered since the 1971 Winter Session. It consists of 8 x 10" cards, on which students' personal and academic information is entered. This information is used to create official transcripts for former students, or to help process these students if they wish to re- enter the University.

The series was closed after the 1971 Winter Session. In 1993 the cards were scanned electronically and transferred to optical disk. They are now available through a PC-based system.

If students re-register, information on the electronic imaging system is "back-coded" onto SIS.

Personal Information Bank?

X -- Yes

Vital Record?

X -- Yes

Retained by:

X -- Academic Year

Retention Period (Years):

Office --
Records Centre / Storage --
Total -- Permanent

Final Disposition:

X -- N/A

Retention Instructions:

The information kept on the student cards is to be retained permanently on the Registrar's Office's PC-based optical disk system. As of July 1994 the old cards were due to be destroyed, but had not yet been done.

Appraisal Rationale:

The retention policies outlined on this form are in accord with the policy statement entitled "Registrar's Office Student Record Retention Policy", adopted January 1992.

As these are the University's official academic records of students who where admitted between 1915 and 1967, they are to be considered a vital and permanent record.

Date of Initial Publication:

12 August 1997