University of British Columbia

Schedule No.:


This is a recommendation to (check one):

X -- Establish retention/disposal schedule

Series Title:

Review of Assigned Standing Requests

Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR):

Registrar's Office

Purpose and Description of Records:

Series consists of forms, completed by students, requesting formal reviews of their final course standing (maximum two courses). Each applicant must state the reasons why he/she deserves a higher grade than the one awarded (not including pleas on compassionate grounds).

Personal Information Bank?

X -- Yes

Vital Record?

X -- Yes

Retained by:

X -- Academic Year

Retention Period (Years):

Office -- 2 yrs.
Records Centre / Storage -- 0 yrs.
Total -- 2 yrs.

Final Disposition:

X -- Destruction

Retention Instructions:

Completed forms are retained by the Registrar's Office for two years. Copies in other academic offices are to be retained for one year.

Appraisal Rationale:

These records are vital in that they document the requests of students for changes to their academic standing, and therefore they affect the information contained in their official academic record. For that reason, also, they must be retained for at least one year after a student's last registration, in accordance with the requirements of Section 31 of the British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPOP) Act.

Date of Initial Publication:

12 August 1997