Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS)

2366 Main Mall
Original construction 1991-93
Addition 2005.
1991-93 Chernoff Thompson; 2005 N/A
1991-93 $17.5 million
2005 $40 million.
Sources of funds:
1991-93 B.C. government
2005 Federal Canada Foundation for Innovation, Provincial BC Knowledge Development Fund, Provincial Double the Opportunity grant, Dr. Stewart & Mrs. Marilyn Blusson, Nortel Networks Inc., Partners for the Advancement of Engineering Education (PACE).
Architectural features:
The frame of the original building is clearly expressed. Designed specifically to enhance and expand multidisciplinary collaborations, the new ICICS labs feature over-height ceilings and state-of-the-art equipment to accommodate a wide range of research projects.
Name History:
Originally named the Centre for the Integrated Computer Systems research Computer Science Building (C.I.C.S.R.); it was renamed in 2000.
Construction Type:
Concrete frame
Major research areas include computer animation, artificial intelligence, physical measurement and motion capture, and vision-enabled autonomous robotics. It is linked to MacLeod Building.
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