Acadia Camp

West side of Acadia Rd., location of today's Acadia Park family housing.
Original construction 1941. Additional block 1955
Sources of funds:
Department of National Defence
Name history:
Until 1944 known as Point Grey Relief Camp or Forestry Camp.
During the 1954 British Empire Games renamed "Empire Village".
Use history:
Originally housing for students taking special courses for service men.
In summer 1944 repaired, re-equipped and sold to UBC for $1 by the Department of National Defence and served for UBC student housing.
During the British Empire Games in the summer 1954 used as accommodation for athletes.
With the construction of new student residences remaining huts adapted for other uses - the International House centre for social events in the early 1950s, study huts, and since 1968 for day-care centres.
Architectural features:
60' x 24' tar-paper sheathed huts.
Demolition date:
The first residential unit on the campus. The only one that housed both single men and women.
Two back-to-back attached huts served as UBC president Norman MacKenzie's house from 1944-1950.
Committee on Campus Development & Planning

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