Allard Hall

1822 East Mall
Construction 2009-11
Diamond and Schmitt Architects
$56 million
Sources of funds:
Private fundraising -- $35 million, including Peter Allard ($9.825 million), Law Foundation of BC (matching grant up to $12 million), various individual and corporate donors (up to $1 million each).
UBC -- $21 million.
Person after whom named:
Named for major donor Peter Allard (UBC B.A. 1968, LL.B. 1971)
Architectural features:
13,191 sq. metres (141,00 sq. ft.), with a mix of classrooms and large lecture halls. Includes a central student services and support area, shower facilities for bicycle commuters, a three-story forum with retractable seating serving as a large auditorium and informal gathering space, new functional research space to promote collaborative research and physically integrate visiting scholars, client meeting space for students providing legal aid, and a new state-of-the-art law library.
An environmentally sustainable design that meets LEED Gold standards.
First purpose-built, all-new law building for a Canadian law school in 30 years.
Replaces George F. Curtis Building.
UBC Reports; UBC Law website

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