Asian Centre

1871 West Mall
Donald Matsuba
$1.6 million
Sources of funds:
One half from Federation of Economic Organizations and the Expo 70 Foundation in Japan, the other half from government of Canada and B.C.. $1.4 million further fund to finish the interior from private sectors corporations.
Construction Type:
Reinforced concrete with metal decking.
Architectural features:
This building has Oriental characteristics, covered in enamelled, metal shingles with a pond surrounding it, and a pyramid-shaped roof. It is also surmounted by a pagoda shaped chimney.
Originally as a centennial gift from Japan, the centre serves as a symbolic sign for the close ties between Asian and Canada. The Centre is now housing the Department of Asian Studies, the Asian Studies Library and the Institute of Asian Research.
Building users:
Asian Studies, International Liaison Officer, Department of History, Institute of Asian Research, Department of Music, University Library.
Ceremonies Office; UBC Buildings (Campus Planning)

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