Biological Sciences Building

6270 University Boulevard
Original construction 1949-1950
South Wing - Zoology 1958-59
West Wing - Fisheries and Oceanography 1968
North Wing 1974
UBC Renew August 2011
1949-50: Charles Thompson of Sharp Thompson Berwick Pratt
1958-59: David Hickman
1969: Duncan McNab and Associates
1974: McNab, Barkley, Logan and Young
1949-50: $936,096
1958-59: $1,381,987 (estimated)
1974: $5,250,000
2011: $61,800,000
Sources of funds:
1949-50: Pharmacy endowment ($30,000), B.C. Government
1974: B.C. government grant
2011: B.C. government, federal government, Knowledge Infrastructure Program
Architectural features:
Reinforced concrete structure. Original 3 wings exterior - architectural concrete finished with fine granite stucco surface. Main entrance and the plinth of the main facades veneered with B.C. granite.
UBC Renew Upgrades: The centerpiece of the building’s many sustainability features is the made-at-UBC Core Sunlighting System (CSS), seismic, fire safety. Heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and water management are being upgraded as well.
Thompson, Berwick, Pratt; Committee on Campus Development and Planning; UBC Reports Nov.1974 and Dec.1968., UBC Public Affairs

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