Biomedical Research Centre

2222 Health Sciences Mall
Original construction 1987
Multi-User Facility for Functional Proteomics (annex) 2005.
1987 Thompson,Berwick & Pratt
2005 Maples Argo.
1987 ca. $31 million
2005 $7.5 million
Sources of funds:
Terry Fox Medical Research Foundation and the Welcome Foundation, a major pharmaceutical firm in U.K. Funding for fermentation facility would be by an interest-subsidized loan of $8 million from B.C. Government Corp.
Architectural features:
This building's architectural style is similar to the PAPRICAN Building in which they are constructed by the same architects. It is made up of concrete and glass.
Name history:
This building is also referred as the Terry Fox Biomedical Research Centre. The Terry Fox Foundation was initially funded by federal government through a gift of 4,655,045 shares in B.C. Resources Investment Corp. (BRIC)
Use history:
UBC Flourescence Activated Cell Sorting Facility, UBC Facility for Genetically Modified Mice, Collaborative Proteomics Facility, Laboratory for Innovation in Biological Mass Spectometry.
Construction Type:
This research centre is connected to the Koerner Pavilion.
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