Cascades and Upper Cascades - Okanagan Campus

3333 University Way
Phase 1: July 2007
Phase 2: August 2008
Phase 3: September 2009
Project Manager:
David Roche
Ph.1: Raymond Letkeman Architects
Ph.2: Raymond Letkeman Architects & HMA Architects
Ph.1: JDL Construction
Ph.2: Sawchuck Construction
Architectural features:
The townhouses are split up into quad style units, with four single rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living area. Each townhouse has ten quads within it.
In Phase 1, two Cascades townhouses were constructed. In Phase 2, seven Cascades townhouses were constructed. And in Phase 3, four identical ‘Upper’ Cascades townhouses were constructed, further up the hillside. These residences received the LEED Silver Sustainability rating.
UBC Properties Trust; UBC Student Housing

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