Leonard S. Klinck Building

6357 Agricultural Rd.
Original construction 1947-48
Finishing 3rd and 4th floor 1949-50
Sharp & Thompson, Berwick, Pratt
1947-48 $468,000
1949-50 $460,000
Sources of funds:
B.C. Government
Name history:
Originally New Applied Sciences Building.
Renamed Engineering Building in 1951. Civil Engineering in the 1960s.
Was known as Computer Science Building until re-named after UBC's second president in 2000
Architectural features:
4-storey and basement, reinforced concrete frame with hollow tile partitions. Exterior - architectural concrete treated in a vertical motive - exposed columns.
Use History:
Current (2021): W. Maurice Young Centre (for Applied Ethics); Institute of Applied Mathematics; Integrated Sciences Program; Mathematics; UBC Information Technology; UBC Studios Print Shop; Vice President, Human Resources.
Thompson, Berwick, Pratt; Physical Plant; Life cycle assessment of the Leonard S. Klinck building by Herman Li; UBC Maps.

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