Dairy Cattle Teaching and Research Unit (Animal Science)

3473 Wesbrook Mall (South Campus)
Original construction 1974
Ronald Howard
Sources of funds.
$510,000 contributed by UBC, $821,850 gift from the Kresge Foundation, the Dairy Industry of British Columbia, the B.C. Department of Agriculture, the student-bodies of the class of 1972-1976, and other generous friends of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and the entire University
Architectural features:
This single floor facility has stained cedar and glass as its exterior finishes.This unit is self-contained and has no open space.
Name History:
This building is also referred as the J.C. MacGregor Building, after university's late farm manager, J.C. (Barney) MacGregor who worked for the university for 22 years and passed away in 1974.
This centre is built to fulfill teaching, research and extension purposes. It was designed to demonstrate milk production systems and processing to the public. It consists of milking parlor, milk room, open-air corral, laboratories, classrooms, seminar and visitor area.
Buiding users:
Department of Animal Science
Ceremonies Office; Community Relations; UBC Buildings (Campus Planning)

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