First Nation Long House

1985 West Mall
Larry McFarland Architects Ltd.
$4.2 million
Sources of funds:
Includes $1 million from Jack Bell and $1 million from Bill Bellman
Building users:
First Nations Law, First Nations Library, First Nations Health Care, N.I.T.E.P., Plant Operations
Architectural features:
This low-lying structure was inspired by the style of the traditional Coast Salish longhouse, which was adopted out of respect for the Musqueam people who have historically been based on Point Grey peninsula.
Construction Type:
Heavy timber, wood frame
This Centre has 4 major components: a resource centre, the Great Hall, the Longhouse, and the Spirit Renewal Hall, all of which are intended to serve the growing numbers of native students at UBC.
The entire structure is sited according to the compass points north and south, a measure significant to native cosmology
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