Fort Point Grey

Today's Museum of Anthropology and Tower (Wreck) Beach
Department of National Defence
Sources of funds:
Department of National Defence
Name history:
Originally Fort Point Grey
Since 1945 known as and in 1950 officially renamed Fort Camp.
Use history:
Originally military base.
1944-48 training centre.
From June 1945 to 1950 the buildings were gradually turned over to the University and became the second residential unit on the campus - Fort Camp.
In 1954 Department of National Defence surrendered control of all the area except one building, which it rented to the University for $1/year.
Demolition dates:
1948 - guns removed
1974 - much of the battery removed and barracks levelled
1981-1982 - power station removed because it was in danger to fall off the cliffs
1990 last gun turret and other remaining structures partly restored as historic site
Architectural features:
Concrete gun turrets, tunnel, power station and watchtowers. Wood-frame officers' and nurses' quarters, garages etc.
Committee on Campus Development & Planning; Moogk; UBC Essays

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