Frederick Lasserre Building

6333 Memorial Road
Thompson, Berwick & Pratt
$1 million
Sources of funds:
A.W. Trueman contributed 1/2 of the cost of constructing the building. The other half was met by grants from the Canada Council, and balance paid by UBC Development Fund, plus $12,000 from the Koerner Foundation.
Architectural features:
This buiding was designed in the international style of the 50s under the influence of Edward D. Stone.With a podium, its structure is clearly expressed.
Name History:
This building is named after Dr. Frederick Lasserre, first director of the UBC School of Architecture.
Construction Type:
Concrete frame and slab
Building users:
Departments of Fine Arts, School of Regional and Community Planning, School of Architecture, General University Facilities
Ceremonies Office; Community Relations; UBC Buildings (Campus Planning)

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