Geological Science Centre

1866 Main Mall
Original construction 1970-1971
Addition 1973-74
McCarter,Nairne & Partners
1970-71 - $2.83 million
1973-74 - $650,000
Sources of funds:
1970-71 - n/a
1973-74 - Provincial Grant
Architectural features:
This 3 1/2 storey building is covered with 1'x8' aluminum panels finished with an ivory-coloured baked enamel. Its ducts and fume hoods are expressed externally. This is the first UBC structure designed and erected with full system approach framed in light steel. Components were brought to the site and assembled. Floor ceiling panels were applied to minimize heating and cooling effects from outside.
Construction Type:
Metal clad steel frame and concrete
Since there wais no extra budget for any fancy design and architectural materials, this building was built for a lower-than-normal cost and in a shorter time frame. It replaced 4 army huts, a 2-storey tar-paper shack and facilities in the old Applied Sciences building.
Fine Arts Pamphlet Files; Ceremonies Office; UBC Buildings (Campus Planning)

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