Henry Angus Building

2053 Main Mall
Original construction - 1965
Addition - 1976
Addition - Ph. I: January 2010, Ph. II: December 2011(estimated)
1965 - Thompson,Berwick & Pratt
1976 - Reno C. Negrin and Associates
1965 - $2,307,309
1976 - N/A
Architectural features:
Its exterior is of in-place concrete and precast concrete frames to the windows with signs of weathering. Its addition is made up of insitu concrete and glass.
Addition 55, 000 sq. feet
Phase one included aesthetic improvements with new glass windows on the east side of the facility, as well to a number of technological upgrades, and Henry Angus ground floor classrooms (video-conferencing, etc.) Phase two included construction of student classrooms and social spaces, including a new Learning Commons, is scheduled for completion and use by students by September 2011.
Name history:
This building is named after Dr. Henry Forbes Angus.
Construction type:
Reinforced concrete frame and slab; addition is of insitu concrete
This is a highly-utilized facility with conference centre.It houses the executive conference centre named for former dean Earle D. MacPhee and an audio-visual theatre named after Cyrus McLean.
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