Hillel House - Diamond Foundation Centre for Jewish Campus Life

6145 Student Union Blvd.
Army hut: 1941
Replaced by new building: 2010
Department of National Defence
New building: Mark Ostry
Original: N/A
New building: $9 million
Sources of funds:
Original: Department of National Defence
New building: Diamond Foundation
Use history:
Original building:
1941-1945 - Department of National Defence
1945-1947 - UBC
1947-present - Hillel Foundation
New building:
Operations centre for Hillel and Alpha Epsilon Pi.
Name history:
Original building: Hut L8
Original army hut originally located more to the north. Moved to the present location in 1990 to make place for the Brock Hall expansion. Demolished ca. 2009 to make way for new Hillel House building.
New building features multi-purpose spaces, lounges, gathering areas, kitchen and dining facilities and administrative offices.

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