James M. Mather Building

5804 Fairview Avenue
Paul Smith Associates
Sources of funds:
$526,390 Federal government's Health Resource Fund; $422,443 Mr. and Mrs. P.A. Woodward Foundation; $26,812 The Kresge Foundation; $26,000 The Kinsmen Rehabilitation Foundatio;n $50,000 Senator Norman Paterson; $45,000 The Vancouver Foundation; The Donner Canadian Foundation.
Name History:
It was named after the late James M. Mather, who had a leading role in establishing UBC's Faculty of Medicine and the Head of Department of Preventive Medicine (now the Department of Health Care and Epidemiology).
Materials being used:
Reused building materials such as bricks, pavers, glulams,etc.
Architectural features:
The exterior of this building is made up of stucco with standard window details,curtain walls and bricks.
Building users:
Faculty of Medicine, Schoolof Audiology and Speech Sciences, Family Practice, Health Care and Epidemiology, Institute of Health Promotion, Medical Genetics
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