Koerner Pavilion (Acute Care Unit)

2211 Wesbrook Mall
Thompson,Berwick & Pratt
$40 million
Sources of funds:
$21.5 million from Provincial government $18.5 million by the Federal Health Resources Fund
Architectural features:
The building's mechanical penthouse has blue coloured metal siding while its exterior concrete spandrel walls underneath are horizontial windows. It incorporates some energy-conserving features, giving the building unique exterior appearance. The downward-sloping windows allow adequate light to enter the unit's rooms while shading them from direct sunlight at the same time. Its construction was managed by the Greater Vancouver Regional Hospital District.
Name History:
This building is also referred as Walter C. Koerner Acute Care Unit in honour of Mr. Walter C. Koerner and his significant contribution to this building as well as to UBC.
Construction Type:
Great Vancouver Regional Hospital District participated in the construction of this building. It is physically connected to the Detwiller Pavilion, Instructional Resource Centre and Purdy Pavilion. It is the core of the Health Sciences Centre complex. This 240-bed facility serves the community as well as being a teaching and research care unit with 90 beds reserved for programs in clinical investigation.
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