Machine Shop - Fairview Campus

10th Ave. between Physics and Mining Buildings
Original construction: 1911
Addition: 1918
1911: A. Arthur Cox
1918: Sharp & Thompson
1911: $900
Total cost for all 1918 buildings: $9,000
Sources of funds:
1911: B.C. Government and Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning of B.C.
1918: Invalided Soldiers Commission
Name history:
Also known as Manual Training School or Mechanical Enineering.
Use history:
Originally carpenter's, smith and moulding shop.
Later, machine shop - west and foundry - east. Used by Applied Sciences.
Demolition date:
October 1955
Architectural features:
Roughly built one-storey, gable roof wood-frame structure.
Addition - tar and gravel roof with skylight, attached on the other side to Mining Building.
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