H.R. MacMillan Building

2357 Mall Mall
McCarter Nairne & Associates
$4.5 million
Sources of funds:
H.R MacMillan and the MacMillan family; also from 3-Universities Capital Fund
Architectural features:
The concept of "Modern Tudor" was applied, due to the usage of brown bricks with Gothic-like pilasters and ornamentation to this building.
Name History:
This building was named after Mr. H.R. MacMillan in memory of his significant contribution as the first Chief Forester of B.C. and his generous donations to UBC, its libraries, to the Faculty of Forestry, and to other departments.
Construction Type:
Concrete and brick
It was the 4th project implmented through the 3-Universities Capital Fund. This building was jointly used by Faculties of Forestry and Agriculture as to promote communication and coordination between different fields, until the completion of the Forest Sciences Centre in 1998.
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