Main Library

1956 Main Mall
Currently under re-construction as the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. Phase I (new north wing) completed September 2005. Phase II (new south wing and upgrading of original construction) to be completed 2006/07.
1925, additions 1947-48, 1960.
Sharp & Thompson
Sources of funds:
B.C. Government
North wing:
1947-48 Sharp & Thompson, Berwick, Pratt $716,580. Government grants, private gifts, gifts from the Alumni - UBC Development Fund, student donations, donations by Friends of the University.
South wing:
1960 Thompson, Berwick & Pratt $1,708,758 W.C. Koerner's gifts ($425,000), Canada Council grant ($824,000), and B.C. Government grant.
Use history:
Library administrative offices, Fine Arts, Map, Science and Engineering, Government Publications and Microforms, University Archives, University Archives Divisions, Ridington Room (Humanities and Social Sciences reference), "main stacks". Included Sedgewick Undergraduate Library until 1973. In 1997 Humanities and Social Sciences, Government Publications and Microforms and majority of the collection moved to new Koerner Library.
Name history:
Once known as "King John's Castle" by students.
Architectural features:
Original building - grey granite. Gothics. Interior finish - Caen stone. Oak woodwork.
Wings - reinforced concrete frame and hollow tile partitions. Book stacks area built separately of steel frame and reinforced concrete floor slabs. Exterior - architectural concrete, partly with granite veneer base. Moulded into original building continuing lines and following window design.
Granite blocks used in construction quarried on Nelson Island near Pender Harbour carried by barge to foot of Point Grey cliffs, and brought up to job-site by aerial tramway and light rail system.
Two small figures cut into stone facade above main entrance: a monkey holding a book labelled "Evol" (for "evolution") and a bearded man holding stone tablets labelled "Funda" (for "fundamentalism") included by the architect to commemorate the 1925 "Scopes Monkey Trial" in Tennessee, where a teacher was prosecuted for teaching evolution in school.
Thompson, Berwick, Pratt; Ridington; Library; University Archives.

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