Mathematics Building

1984 Mathematics Rd.
Provincial Department of Public Works
Total cost for all nine semi-permanent buildings: $500,000
Sources of funds:
B.C. Government loan
Use history:
Originally housed Departments of Classics, Economics, Sociology and Political Science, English, History, Mathematics, Modern Languages and Philosophy.
Name history:
Arts Building until 1960.
Architectural features:
E-shaped. Wood-frame and stucco. Walls - Gypsum board covered in lath and plaster; shiplap siding - Cedar; Stairs, truss material, foundation posts and girders, foundation - Softwood Lumber; Footings, foundation walls, some stairs, bathroom floors and some entranceways - Concrete; Stucco over chicken wire. 18 classrooms, 21 offices, 6 bathrooms, 2 locker rooms, 2 faculty lounges and a large lecture room with seating for 250 people.
On 9 January, 1970, a bomber set off a stick of dynamite behind a heat radiator and caused $600 in damage. A wall in the south vestibule was damaged. The bombing was the first of three bombings across campus in a four week period, the others were in Brock Hall and the Geography Building. The reason for the bombs and the bomber were never discovered. Later in the year several sticks of dynamite were found on top of the administration building.
UBC Archives; Ubyssey; Terrorism in Canada 1960 - 1989 - ISBN: 0-662-18303-7; The Province; Vancouver Sun; "A Life Cycle Assessment of the Mathematics Building" by Dallas Nemec; "An environmental performance declaration of the mathematics building" by Henrique Falck Grimm.

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