Dorothy Somerset Studios
(formerly Mechanical Engineering Lab - Hut M-18)

6361 University Blvd.
Provincial Department of Public Works
Total cost for all nine semi-permanent buildings $500,000.
Sources of funds:
B.C. Government loan
UBC Renew
Name history:
1925-2000: Mechanical Laboratories - Hut M-18
2007-current: Dorothy Somerset Studios
Architectural features:
Wood-frame and stucco. Gabled roof.
When it was the Mechanical Laboratories it included a large laboratory, three lecture rooms, a draughting room, a calorimetry room, a storage room, and a machine shop.
Use history:
Mechanical Engineering 1925 - c. 1976
UBC Office of Physical Plant c. 1976 - c. 1985
Continuing Education Language Institute c. 1985 - 1993
Art History, Visual Art & Theory (formerly Fine Arts) c. 1985 - current
Theatre and Film c. 1985 - current (drama rehearsal studios, painting studios, and arts workshop)
Music 1990s - 2000
University Archives; Birmingham & Wood Architects and Planners – Eric Damer, Historian; UBC Reports, Ubyssey.

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