Neville Scarfe Building

2125 Main Mall
Original construction: 1962
Addition -- Classroom and Office Block: 1965
1962: B.C Department of Public Works; Hotson Bokker Architects
1965: Hotson Bakker Architects
1962: $1,103,877
1965: $2,667,461
Sources of funds:
1962: capital fund from provincial government; a gift to University from Department of Public Works
1965: $1,767,461 from provincial government, $900,000 from UBC's fund Campaign
Architectural features:
End walls- light grey glazed facing bricks; main walls- porcelain enamel spandrel panels, including limited mosaic tile areas around stair links; windows: aluminum sash; concrete columns- painted; flashing- zinc alloy.
Construction Type:
concrete with steel seismic reinforcing
The adddition was to serve as office space for faculty and specialized teaching areas.
Ceremonies Office; UBC Buildings (Campus Planning)

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