Ocean Engineering Centre

3760 Wesbrook Mall
Kiss and Harrison
approx. $1,017,000
Sources of funds:
Provincial government grants; Federal government's Health Resource Fund; 3-Universities Capital Fund $500,000 grant from B.C.'s Department of Economic Development $525,000 The federal Industry department to pay for the grants over three years.
Architectural features:
This high headroom single floor with below grade viewing area and mezzanine is clad in brick as the building. The truss, while forming part of the roof, would also serve as a viewing platform from inside. It is made up of waterproof Zecon concrete beacause great degree of accuracy is required.
Construction Type:
This building houses a private research facility, which is part of B.C. Research Corporation on leased land. It was previously referred as the B.C. Research Council. There is a high headroom space over a water tank to simulate ocean conditions. It also includes manoeuvering basins for ship models, an Artic-condition test facility and a hydroclave facility for pressure testing of components.
Community Relations; UBC Buildings (Campus Planning)

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