Norman MacKenzie House (President's Residence)

6545 Northwest Marine Dr.
Original construction: 1950
Renovation: 1983
1997: Renovation of Atrium
2006: Renovation
2015: Renovation
1950: Sharp & Thompson, Berwick, Pratt
1983: Werner Foster
1950: $83,980
1983: $500,000
1997: $400,000
2006: “a little bit greater than [2015]”
2015: $614,000
Sources of funds:
1950: UBC
1983: $100,000 UBC funds and $400,000 private donations
1997: Federal government
Person after whom named:
Norman Archibald MacRae ("Larry") MacKenzie, UBC president 1944-1962; the house was built for him and he and his family lived in it 1951-1962.
Use history:
1951-1969 and 1983- residence for UBC presidents
1969-1975 Division of Adult Education of the Faculty of Education
1975-1983 headquarters for UBC Botanical Garden
Architectural features:
In 1983 renovated in Mediteranean villa style. Extended gabled roof cut over the entrance and a port-cochere added. Asphalt roof shingles replaced by clay tiles. Two small glass additions and a 7' high wall surrounding a part of the building. Exterior - terra-cotta coloured stucco.
In 2015, renovation included a new sound system, new TVs, the installation of an air-conditioning system, a new heating system, new carpets, plumbing repairs, new patio furniture, and the replacement of floors.
President Walter Gage, being a bachelor decided not to move out of his apartment when elected in 1969 and the building was used as office space until renovated for president George Pedersen in 1983.
Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin’s first formal meeting took place in 1993 at Norman MacKenzie House.
The 1997 APEC Summit was held in Norman MacKenzie House
University Archives; N.A.M. MacKenzie papers; Board of Governors Minutes; UBC President's Office; Fine Arts Pamphlet Files; Global News; Ubyssey; 24hours.

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