Vancouver School of Theology - Somerville House

6015 Walter Gage Road
Original Construction - 2004
Renovated - c.2013
Original - unknown
Renovation - Christine Lintott
Sources of funds:
Sales of property for housing development along Iona Drive and sale of the Iona Building.
Name History:
2004-Current: Somerville House. Named after Archbishop T. David Somerville
Architectural features:
Current design adapts Christian references including a cruciform composed of a roof plane intersecting with a vertical element at one end. The vertical component is a frame illuminated by placement of fenestration at the building wall. The horizontal roof is suspended above a glazed forth floor clerestory expression above a more solid three story building base. The composition is complemented by distilled vertical frame elements which serve to buttress the east and west facades.
Use History:
2004-2013: A student residence for the Vancouver School of Theology
2013-Current: Vancouver School of Theology, McMillan Library
2018-2021: First floor of south end used by Great Dane Coffee as overflow seating and a bakery.
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