UBC Life Building
(formerly Student Union Building (SUB))

6115/6138 SUB Boulevard
Original Construction: 1968
Additions: 1981, 1984
Renovated: 2015-2018 (occupancy 2017)
1968: Pratt, Lindgren, Snider
1981, 1984: Richard Henriquez and Partners
2017: Perkins & Will
1968: $5 million
1981: $1.2 million
1984: $1.2 million
2017: $61.5 million
Sources of funds:
1968: 78% financed by a $15 per year levy paid by all students
Architectural features:
Brick cladding and stucco. This building is considered as the product of the confrontational nature of the sixties with the usage of heavily treated, massive concrete walls.
Features single-user gender-inclusive washrooms
LEED Gold Certified.
Construction Type:
Name history:
1968-2015: Student Union Building
2017-current: UBC Life Building
Building users:
1968 - 2015: Alma Mater Society, Bank of Montreal, Plant Operations, School of Human Kinetics, Athletics and Sports Services, UBC Food Services, The Pit, various restaurants, Bike Kitchen, Norman Bouchard Theatre.
2017 - Current: Classrooms, (AMS) Arc Fitness Centre; AMS Club rooms; Restaurants (Booster Juice; 2017- current), Subway (2017- current), Sprouts Cafe (student run) (2019 - ) Starbucks (2017 - ); Pacific Poke (2020 - current); AMS Food Bank; Bike Kitchen; Get Thrifty (2019 - ); Norman Bouchard Theatre; Chaplains Office; Counseling, Health and Wellbeing programs; academic and career advising
The Old Stadium was demolished to make way for the construction of the Student Union Building when Brock Hall became too small to house all student activities. The building consisted of a ballroom (converted to a classroom during the 2015-17 renovation), small conference rooms, seminar rooms and club areas; special facilities include recreation area (pub, lounge), cultural area (art gallery auditorium), and commercial areas (coffee shop, food courts); also meeting rooms and general open space. Also contains a large food service facility. It is designed to be highly utilized by the undergraduate students. It is also extensively used for conferences and entertainment activities. A pub called "The Pit" was located in its basement, but it was moved underneath the knoll and is accessible through the Basement of the Nest. In 2015 the AMS building known as The Nest opened a few feet away as the new Student Union Building and most AMS services and facilities from The Sub moved there.
On February 25th, 2000, the South Side Lounge was opened by the Student Council of the AMS. This Lounge, and large commemorative sign, still exists subsequent to the 2017 renovation.
Fine Arts Pamphlet Files; UBC Buildings (Campus Planning); UBC Calenders (Vol. 61-62 1975-76); UBC Sustainability, UBC Learning Spaces, Student Services, Sprouts, Equity and Inclusion Office.

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