Thunderbird Winter Sports Centre

6066 Thunderbird Blvd
Original construction: 1965
Addition: 1969
A.B. Sanderson Engineers
1965: $500,000
1969: $1,000,000
Sources of funds:
1965: Alma Mater Society, the University, the Molson Foundation, and the support of Federal-Provincal Winter Sports Programmes
1969: Financed from the past and projected revenue; loan by AMS repaid out of the operation of the centre; $116,000 contributed by UBC (mainly in site,services ands connections)
Architectural features:
Its architectural style is very similar to a community ice rink. Its exterior is a mixture of painted concrete block with panel widely utilized by hockey school and for the training of professional athlete.
Construction Type:
concrete block, wood frame and heavy wood constructions
This building was financed through 50% by UBC and 50% by students through an annual $10.00 levy added to their AMS fee.
Currently (2006-08) being re-built to serve as a venue and training facility for the 2010 Winter Olympics
Community Relations; UBC Buildings (Campus Planning); UBC Calender Vol.61-62

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