Totem Park Residence

2525 West Mall
Original construction -- Coquihala Common Block, Magda's Convenience Store, Haida House, Salish House, Dene House, Nootka House: 1964
Kwakiutl House, Shuswap House: 1968
February 2008 Totem Park Commons Block Renovations
August 2011 Totem In-Fill Student Housing Project
Thompson, Berwick & Pratt
In-Fill Project: Hotson Bakker Boniface Haden
Sources of funds:
Funds borrowed from Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Architectural features:
This is a traditional student residence with red brick facings, painted concrete details and flat roof. Its architectural style is similar to the Place Vanier Residences.
Totem Park Commons Block was outfitted with seismic, electrical, and mechanical upgrades, as well as receiving renovations to the lounge, multi-purpose room, and UBC Food facilties. In-Fill Project will add approximately 567 beds to Totem Residences.
Name History:
It is named as Totem Residences since its proximity to Totem Park. There are 4 residences and Indian names are used; women's towers are called Nootka House and Dene House while men's towers are Haida House and Salish House.
Construction Type:
Concrete and brick
Building users:
Student Housing and Conferences, Food Services
The residence is operated as a self-sustaining and liquidating operation paid by students and faculties who lived in them. This residence complex can house 1148 students. The In-Fill Project is part of the Student Housing and Hospitality Services strategy to develop an additional 2,500 beds on the Vancouver Campus by 2014. Totem Park Residences have a sustainability rating of REAP Gold.
Ceremonies Office; UBC Buildings(Campus Planning); UBC Properties Trust

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