Walter H. Gage Residence

5959 Student Union Boul Wesbrook Mall
Original construction: 1972
Addition - Low-rise apartment block: 1984
Reno C. Negrin
1972: $8,000,000
1984: approx $6.5 million
Sources of funds:
1972: C.M.H.C. loan and Department of Student Housing and Conferences
1984: $5 million through a mortgage while the reminder from the development fund established by Department of Student Housing and Conferences.
Architectural features:
This building is made of in-situ concrete with little relief except for sculptured triangle forms.
Name History:
This building is named after Dr. Walter Henry Gage at 1971 in honour of his fiftieth year of services at UBC.
Construction Type:
They can house 1419 beds.
It is widely used by conference groups in summer.
The complex includes a 17-storey tower, a single floor Common Block and 3,4, and 5-storey low-rise apartments.
The Commuter Hostel amenity began on September 21, 2009.
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