Woodward Library

2324 West Mall
Original construction 1964
Addition 1968-1969
Thompson, Berwick & Pratt
1964: approx. $950,000
1968-1969: $10 million
Sources of funds:
1964: half of the cost ($475,000) was genously donated by Mr. and Mrs.P.A. Woodward; matching funds from UBC.
1968-69: $5 million from Mr. and Mrs. P.A. Woodward; matching fund from Federal government's Health Resource Fund
Architectural features:
This facility illustrated heavy usage of in-situ reinforced concrete.
Name History:
Named in honour of Mr. P.A. Woodward's father, Mr. Charles Woodward.
Originally called Woodward Biomedical Library -- name changed in 2009.
Physically l inked to Instructional Resource Centre (IRC).
The library helds collection in diverse fields such as human biology, health sciences and clinical health scienceS and belongs to part of the University Library systems. constuction cost
Ceremonies Office; UBC Buildings (Campus Planning)

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