Even after UBC finally moved to its permanent home at Point Grey, it continued to be dogged by financial constraints. There had been only enough money available for the Science Building, the Library, and the Power House to be built according to the original plans. Nine other buildings, all of wood-frame and stucco construction, were classed as "semi-permanent": designed to last twenty-five to forty years "if necessary" (as of 1996, most were still in use). To the west and south of the central campus were the fields, orchards, and livestock barns of the Faculty of Agriculture; to the east, brush and clear-cut forest; and to the north, a spectacular view of Burrard Inlet, Howe Sound, and the North Shore mountains.

Point Grey campus, looking north (1925) - click on a building to see detail or use the list:
Administration - Agriculture - Arts - Auditorium - Science - Engineering laboratories - Library - Forestry - Applied Science - Power House
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