With the exception of the post-war "boom", the UBC campus of the late 1950's had seen relatively little development since its 1925 opening. The financial constraints brought by two world wars and the Great Depression had left a legacy of inadequate facilities. To correct this, the "UBC Development Fund", the first public appeal for capital funds by any Canadian university, was launched in 1958 in conjunction with both the British Columbia centenary and the fiftieth anniversary of the University's incorporation. The campaign, in addition to funding construction projects around the campus, marked the beginning of increasing involvement by private and corporate donors in University development. Buildings from this period named for such benefactors include the H.R. MacMillan Building, the P.A. Woodward Health Sciences Centre and the Woodward Library, and Thea Koerner House (graduate student centre). Campus expansion was also fuelled by the great influx of "baby boom" students beginning in the 1960's, which also led to the construction of new student residences like Totem Park and Gage Towers, as well as the new Student Union Building. By 1973, the UBC campus, while incorporating a far greater variety of architectural styles than was invisioned in 1914, matched the scope of the original Sharp and Thompson plan.

Point Grey campus, looking northeast (1973) - click on a building to see detail or use the list:
Gage Towers - Health Sciences Centre - MacMillan (Agriculture and Forestry) Building - Forward (Mining and Metallurgy) Building - Totem Park - Geological Sciences Building - Student Union Building - Scarfe (Education) Building - Angus (Commerce) Building - Buchanan Tower - Thea Koerner House - Frederic Wood Theatre
[Gage Towers] [Health Sciences Centre] [MacMillan building] [Forward building] [Totem Park] [Geological Sciences building] [Student Union Building (SUB)] [Scarfe building] [Angus building] [Buchanan Tower] [Thea Koerner House] [Frederic Wood Theatre] [Point Grey campus, 1973 (image map)]
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