[Great Trek at Science bldg.]In 1922, tired of over-crowded conditions at Fairview, UBC students organized a province-wide publicity campaign to persuade the government to complete the Point Grey campus. The "Build the University" campaign climaxed in October with a parade (the "Pilgrimage", later known as the "Great Trek") from downtown Vancouver to Point Grey, where students occupied the skeleton of the Science Building (right). In November, the government authorized a $1.5 million loan to resume construction.

[Cornerstone ceremony]Construction began in 1923, and the cornerstone of the Science Building was laid on 28 September of that year (left). The granite facing stones for that building and the Library were quarried on Nelson Island, and transported by barge to the foot of the Point Grey cliffs; from there they were hauled to the building site using a combined aerial tramway / light rail system (below).

[Tramway][Light rail system]

Six wood-frame and stucco "semi-permanent" buildings (below left) were begun in spring of 1924, and were finished a year later. The Library (below right) was the last building to be completed, and when the workmen left on 31 October 1925, UBC gained full possession of its new campus.

[Semi-permanent buildings under construction 1925][Library under construction]

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