FAIRVIEW 1915-1925

When UBC officially opened in 1915, classes were held in buildings formerly occupied by the University's predecessor, McGill University College of B.C., on the site of Vancouver General Hospital in the city's Fairview district. The only permanent building, a granite structure "on loan" from the hospital, housed Arts, the Library, and administrative offices. The other buildings, including Physics, the Auditorium, and a cafeteria, were cheaply-built wooden structures which gave UBC's first home its nickname: the "Fairview Shacks".

Fairview campus, looking north-east (ca. 1917) - click on a building to see detail or use the list:
Arts and Administration - Physics - Auditorium - Cafeteria
[Arts and Administration building] [Physics building] [Auditorium] [Cafeteria] [Fairview campus 1917 (image-map)]
UBC Archives Photo #1.1/1317

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