The University of British Columbia campus includes numerous pieces of sculpture which have generated many questions over time. To help provide some basic information about thesculptures and their creators, we are pleased to be able to provide access to the following data on current sculptures originally compiled by Paloma Campbell of the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery. Archives staff have also added some additional sculptures that at one time were on display on campus.

The sculptures are listed in alphabetical order according to sculptor.

In 2007 the Belkin Art Gallery introduced their on-line Outdoor Art Tour.

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Caveno, Joseph and Chung, Hung
Goddess of Democracy Statue (1991)
Class, Gerhard (1924-1997)
Clothier, Robert (1921-1999)
Three Forms (1956)
Deggan, Paul (b. 1932)
Untitled (1965)
Fisher-Credo, Otto (1890-1959)
Asiatic Head (1958)
Harman, Jack (b. 1927)
Katori, Masahiko (b. 1899)
Pacific Bell Tower (1986)
Kujundzic, Zeljko (b. 1920)
Thunderbirds (1967)
Lees, John (b. 1914)
Crystal Tree (n.d.)
Murray, Robert (b. 1936)
Cumbria (1966/67)
Neel, Ellen
Kwakiutl totem pole [Thunderbird] (1948)
Norris, George (b. 1930)
Perry, Frank (b. 1923)
Florentine Doors #2 (n.d.)
Schmerholz, Georg
Family of Man (1976)
Sharp, George Thornton (1880-1974)
Monkey and the Bearded Man (1923-1925)
Thomas, Lionel (b. 1915)
Vicenzi, Cliff (b. 1949)
Untitled (n.d.)
Weghsteen, Robert (b. 1929)
Untitled (1971)
Charles Wheeler (1892-1974)
King George VI (n.d.)

Sculptures no longer on campus
  • Bergeron, Germaine - The Man / The Robot / The Venetian
  • Harman, Jack - The Miner
  • Zach, Jan - Reclining Figure
  • Apt, Edward - UBC Adopted Sopron, 1956-1961
  • Carlson, Alfred E. - Madonna of the Cedars

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