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Recovering the University fabric

This project creates a detailed and comprehensive research tool that helps contextualize the history of the University of British Columbia campus and its buildings. It identifies the diverse documentary, bibliographic, and contextual materials that record the ideas, techniques, representations, policies, and people involved in the construction of the university fabric. The interrelation of data woven into this research tool thus endeavours to capture the complex weft and weave of events that resulted in the physical structure of the campus. Recovering the University Fabric is intended to assist a wide range of researchers, ranging from faculty studying the history of Canadian universities or architecture and planning, to staff seeking specific information, students engaged in academic study, or members of the wider community interested in the development of the University and the province.

Overview — Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe

Forest view, pre-UBC Bus stop, cairn, and semi-permanent buildings, 1929 Student Union Building, ca. 1970 Hampton Place, 1989

Point Grey Pre-University (pre-1890)
Emma Spenner Norman

Early History (1890-1949)
Diane Archibald

Post-War Reconstruction (1950-1980)
Lara Tomaszewska

The Urban Community (1980-2003)
Lisa Moffatt