[War Memorial Gymnasium - Under Construction]

As the ambitious fund-raising campaign continued, it became increasingly obvious that the new facility could not be built to the original specifications.

Estimates based on the architect’s final plan put the total cost of the facility at approximately $900,000.

By the fall of 1948, it was decided to build only the main gym and memorial lobby and to defer construction of the swimming pool (which was eventually built as an open-air facility for the 1954 British Empire Games), auxiliary gym space and other amenities.

[construction - exterior]
Under construction - July 1950
(UBC 1.1/11506-3)


By March 1948 the funds committed to the project totalled about $430,000 while the costs for the scaled-back facilities had risen to about $700,000.

Recognizing that their efforts alone would not be sufficient to attract the necessary funds, the students approached the provincial government in January 1949 for assistance.

Within a month the government agreed to contribute an additional $200,000 for the project and tenders for War Memorial Gymnasium went out.

In September 1949 the contract for the construction of the building was signed and construction began.

[construction - interior w.o. roof]
Interior construction - July 1950
(UBC 1.1/11506-4)

[construction - exterior, roof almost complete]
Exterior - September 1950
(UBC 1.1/11507-1)


[interior finishing]
Interior - September 1950
(UBC 1.1/11507-4)

[interior finishing]
Laying the hardwood floor - 1950
(UBC 3.1/1185)


[interior finishing]
Interior nearing completion - December 1950
(UBC 1.1/10588-1)

[interior finishing]
Interior nearing completion - December 1950
(UBC 1.1/10588-2)


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