Chinese Immigrants from Mainland China to Hong Kong
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The scene at the border village of Sha Tau Kok where unarmed Gurkha patrols watching for illegal immigrants come under the gaze... 
Police and soldiers round up a group of illegal immigrants at High Island.
Illegal immigrants being sent on a train back to China.
Illegal immigrants from Mainland China were arrested.
Illegal immigrants from China allowed to stay and lined up for temporary ID cards.
Illegal immigrants queuing up for identity cards outside Victoria Barracks.
Chinese illegal migrants were arrested on the Dryandra Mountain by the armed police while swarming into the New Territories, Hong Kong.
Sergeant George Nash tries to piece together Kowloon addresses he picked up from illegal immigrants who tore the papers to shreds.
Chinese illegal immigrants were arrested at New Territories.
Barbed wire set up on the hill for stopping the illegal immigrants to Hong Kong border at High Island.
Chinese illegal immigrants sent back to China.
Illegal migrants arriving at Macao from China.
Illegal immigrants crossed to the border.  Yip Yat-yin, a metal worker in Hong Kong, and his wife wept bitterly...
Illegal immigrants arriving at Macao - a snap as an eternal memory.  Lines of bars were set by the authorities...
Soldiers from Royal Green Jackets were watching closely on the Chinese border facing Wan Kam To.
Gurkha soldiers were watching for illegal immigrants' movement in the dark with infrared telescopes.
Eye on China... it's almost impossible for the incoming refugees to spot the watchers on the Hong Kong side of the border...
Illegal immigrants were arrested, hidden in the area of water straw by a fish pond.
Barbed wire and a lone watch tower... symbols of the struggle to stem the flow of illegal immigrants.
Male and female illegal immigrants, totally drenched through, were detained with plastic handcuffs.
Erect fence at the border.
Gurkha soldiers took two illegal immigrants away
A British soldier is watching closely on the Chinese border with binoculars.
A dead body of an illegal immigrant was found on the helicopter inspection around Shen Zhen River area early next morning.
China!  Peering straight at the heart of Hong Kong, a 42nd Army soldier plays a dual role - watching the Hong Kong side of the border...
Detained illegal immigrants squatted down on the ground, waiting to be taken away early next morning.
The fisherman seemed to be casting eye of the authorities.
Morning dawn brought to light some illegal arrivals at Hong Kong by water at night, drenched through and miry all over.
Two Gurkhas are searching the area of water straw to check the illegal immigrants who came from China.
Illegal immigrants to be sent to China by a military vehicle.