C. K. Choi Building for the Institute of Asian Research

1855 West Mall
Matsuzaki Wright Architects
$6 million
Sources of funds:
Major donors from Canada and Asia including a generous donation from C.K. Choi and family, with matching funds from the Government of B.C.
Name History:
Named after Cheung-Kok Choi, the major donor for this building.
Architectural features:
This building is constructed utilizing reused and recyclable materials such as heavy timber, red brick cladding from demolished buildings and wooden beams from the Armoury. Its pagoda roof and brick facade align with the solar panel absorb sun's energy for light and heat. Offices are designed in order to optimize natural light to reduce usage of artifical lighting. In general,energy consumed is 50% lower than city requirement due to its energy-efficient design, saving $9,600 a year.
It consists of 5 research centres focusing studies on China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, India and South Asia.
This Centre has won the 1996 Building Operations and Managers Association's Earth Award; the Architectural Institute of B.C.'s inaugural Innovation Award in 1998; the Progressive Architecture Award for Green Architecture in 1995; and was nominated for the 1996 Energy User News efficient building awards.
Its use of composting toilets conserve water, and it is the first building to be seperate from the city sewer system.
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