Liu Centre for the Study of Global Issues

6476 North West Marine Drive
Arthur Erickson from Architectura
$6 million
Sources of funds:
Dr. Liou Jieh Jow and the Liu Foundation
Name History:
Named after Dr. J.J. Liou, a distinguished international businessman, to recognize his generous donations through his family's Liu Foundation made the project possible with contributions from Mrs. Gordon T. Southam.
Architectural features:
This building is made up of reused construction materials and beams from demolished buildings, primarily Pan-Hellenic House, as well as extensive usage of fly ash, a by-product of burning coal. Its design allows 50% less consumption of energy for light and heat through utilization of natural light. It is a model of energy efficiency and substainability.
It was the previous location for the Pan-Hellenic House. It is designed to symbolize the spirit of globalization and is a model of energy efficiency and sustainability.
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