Thunderbird Stadium

6288 Stadium Road
Vladimir Plavsic & Associates
Sources of funds:
UBC Board of Governors, plus gift from 1967 graduating class.
Architectural features:
This is a unique architectural element on campus. The vertical soaring columns have details influenced by Native Indian motifs. Its roof is suspended on 1 1/2 inch cables from a dozen 80 foot stressed-concrete posts, each topped by a cast of the Thunderbird. It can accommodate 3000 seats undercover. Its front wall is built of Squamish Stone, a type of stone which is dyed brown by its own iron oxide.
Construction Type:
Stone and concrete
This facility includes playing field, stadium, bleachers and supporting facilities. It replaced the Old Stadium on East Mall, which had been built in 1937 by the contributions of Alma Mater Society, and which was demolished to make room for the Student Union Building. It was financed by the Board Of Governors. A scoreboard and track timing device were a $5000 gift from the 1967 graduating class.
Fine Arts Pamphlet Files; Ceremonies Office; Community Relations; UBC Buildings (Campus Planning); UBC Calender Vol.61-62

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