Faculty Club "Sit-In" (October 1968)

[UBC crest]In 1968, the Faculty Club briefly became a target of the student unrest that characterized the period. During a visit by activist Jerry Rubin, UBC students decided to "liberate" the Faculty Club. In the afternoon of October 24th approximately 1,000 students marched on the Club and the sit-in lasted though the night.

[Ubyssey front page with Jerry Rubin]

[Ubyssey story]

[students in Faculty Club]
[students in Faculty Club]
[students in Faculty Club]
[students in Faculty Club]
[students dancing in Faculty Club]

The Ubyssey described the student occupation as follows:

The students created mass confusion and participated in such activities as drinking the faculty liquor, smoking their cigarettes, doing up dope, climbing over furniture, burning dollar bills and an American flag, swimming nude in the patio pool and basically enjoying themselves.... Most of the faculty in attendance seemed to accept the situation with resignation and merely left when it became apparent that the students wouldn't.

Approximately twenty-four hours after it began, the student sit-in ended when the remaining students left to attend a rally.

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Date: March 1999
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