In and Around the Club in the 1970s and 1980s

[front of Faculty Club]
UBC Archives photo #41.1/1550-2

[front of Faculty Club]
UBC Archives photo #41.1/1550-5

Lobby of Faculty Club
[lobby] [lobby]

[dining room and lounge] [cafeteria] [pub / games room]
[faces] Around the Faculty Club
(1970s and 1980s)


[Faculty Club patio] Outside the Faculty
Club - patio, pond,
and garden

[Faculty Club patio]
[Faculty Club pond] [Faculty Club garden] [Faculty Club garden]

[UBC crest]In the 1980s, Zolton Kiss designed a 12-room addition to the northeast corner of the building, increasing the residential suites to 17. Controversial renovations and new furnishings were added in the late 1980's. In 1994, the Faculty Club went into receivership and its furniture and fixtures were liquidated.

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Date: March 1999
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