UBC theses 1927-1931

Author Thesis Title Degree Year

All images taken from the UBC Annual unless otherwise indicated.

Thompson, Homer Armstrong
Homer Armstrong Thompson
Roads and road travel in Roman dominions to 180 A.D. M.A. 1927
Winter, Alice Greta
Alice Greta Winter
Pt.I. An investigation into the drug content of certain medicinal plants. Pt.II. The quantitative determination of ether in ether, alcohol and water mixtures M.A. 1927
Tarr, Hugh Lewis Aubrey
Hugh Lewis Aubrey Tarr
The relation of certain lactic acid streptococci to a "slight-cooked" flavour in cheese M.Sc. 1928
Kania, Joseph Ernest Anthony
Joseph Ernest Anthony Kania
The geology and mineralogy of the western contact of the Coast range batholith M.A.Sc. 1928
Ball, Ralph Henry
Ralph Ball
Polarity effects in organic compounds. The quantitative replacement of halogen atoms substituted in the benzene nucleus. A search for the halogen cation M.A. 1928
Bonsall, Henry Brash
Henry Brash Bonsall
Rome and the Jews in the first two centuries of the Christian era M.A. 1928
Campbell, Mildred Helena
Mildred Helena Campbell
A preliminary quantitative study of the zooplankton of the water of the Strait of Georgia M.A. 1928
Fowler, Horace Wesley
Horace Wesley Fowler
The Raman effect M.A. 1928
Gallaugher, Arthur Frederick
Arthur Frederick Gallaugher
The surface tension of the binary system nicotine and water M.A. 1928
Griffith, Braham Grey
Braham Grey Griffith
Ecological studies in balsam and spruce forests in the northern interior of British Columbia M.A. 1928
Guernsey, Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth Guernsey
A short study of the streptococci M.A. 1928
Heaslip, Leonard William
Leonard William Heaslip
Polar line coordinates and their application to pedal curves M.A. 1928
Johnston, Frederick Blaney
Frederick Blaney Johnston
The preparation of the four-mono-brom-normal-valeric acids M.A. 1928
Lang, Arthur Hamilton
Arthur Hamilton Lang
A brief study of the petrography of the Shuswap-beltian rocks of B.C. M.A. 1928
Lewis, Hunter Campbell
Hunter Campbell Lewis
The religious beliefs of Dean Swift M.A. 1928
Mellish, Arthur Preston
Arthur Preston Mellish
An illustrative example of the ellipsoidal pendulum M.A. 1928
Millward, Louis G.
Louis G. Millward
Contributions to Canadian palaeontology M.A. 1928
Patterson, Frederick Jenkins
A financial history of the "Corporation of the District of West Vancouver" M.A. 1928
Portsmouth, Madge
Madge Portsmouth
La societe francaise au xviie siecle, d'apres la comedie en dehors de Moliere, et d'apres les romans M.A. 1928
Sparks, Frederick P.
Frederick P. Sparks
A study of the nitrifying organisms as isolated from British Columbia soils M.A. 1928
Stedman, Ralph Elliott
Ralph Elliott Stedman
The philosophy of Bernard Bosanquet M.A. 1928
Wallace, Bryce Howie
Bryce Howie Wallace
Religion as a factor in social life M.A. 1928
Webster, Arnold Alexander
Arnold Alexander Webster
Canada at the Imperial Conference M.A. 1928
Etter, Harold Clinton
Harold Clinton Etter
Report of a survey of rural co-operation in Denmark, with consideration of the contribution of the folk high schools M.Sc. 1929
Mallory, Lester Dewitt
Lester DeWitt Mallory
The Canadian anti-dumping duty in relation to natural products, with particular reference to fruits and vegetables M.Sc. 1929
Fraser, Duncan
Duncan Fraser
An analysis of ethyl alcohol and ether mixtures M.A.Sc. 1929
Abercrombie, Clinton William
Clinton William Abercrombie
The part played by Sir Wilfrid Laurier in the development of Canada M.A. 1929
Allen, John Stanley
John Stanley Allen
The change in iodine numbers of lubricating oils before and after use in automobile engines M.A. 1929
Elsey, Charles Roy
Charles Roy Elsey
Japanese oyster culture in Oyster Harbor, Ladysmith M.A. 1929
Logie, Russell Moore
Russell Moore Logie
Some notes on the Sooke formation, Vancouver Island M.A. 1929
Lopatin, Ivan Alexis
Geography of Vancouver M.A. 1929
Morell, Arthur Ernest
Arthur Ernest Morell
An accurate redetermination of the atomic weight of caesium M.A. 1929
Northrop, Harold Fascism and the future M.A. 1929
Patten, Charles Gordon
Charles Gordon Patten
Second genus orbits near the arc orbits of the helium atom M.A. 1929
Riley, Christopher
The geology of the Rocky Mountains M.A. 1929
Sansum, Victor H. The divorce problem M.A. 1929
Smith, Harold Duncan
Harold Duncan Smith
Oscillations near the circular orbits of the helium atom M.A. 1929
Streight, Harvey Richard Lyle
Harvey Richard Lyle Streight
Cathodic halogen and a systematic study of the preparation of alkyl chlorides from the corresponding alcohols M.A. 1929
Thrupp, Sylvia L.
Sylvia L. Thrupp
A history of the Cranbrook District in East Kootenay M.A. 1929
Waddington, Guy
Guy Waddington
The equilibrium pressures of oxygen on activated charcoal M.A. 1929
Munro, John B.
Some native forage plants and their usefulness in range conditions M.Sc. 1930
Todd, Eric Edward
The critical temperature of solution of normal paraffin hydrocarbons and sulphur-dioxide M.A.Sc. 1930
Freshwater, Norman G. Morgan
Geology and ore deposits of the Yukon territory M.A. 1930
Griffith, William Ivor
William Ivor Griffith
The philosophy of Bergson M.A. 1930
Hallonquist, Earland Grand
Earland Grand Hallonquist
Some aspects of the electronic theory applied to organic chemistry M.A. 1930
Hull, Ralph
The determination of sets of integral elements for certain rational division algebras M.A. 1930
James, Ralph Duncan
Ralph James
Tangential co-ordinates M.A. 1930
Lamb, W. Kaye
W. Kaye Lamb
The genesis of the British labour party M.A. 1930
Lucas, Verna Zora
Verna Zora Lucas
A contribution to the embryological study of SQUALUS SUCKLII, Girard, with notes on the life-history M.A. 1930
Morrison, Duncan Grant The development of symbolism in elementary mathematics M.A.


Munro, Ferdinand L.
Ferdinand L. Munro
The effect of helium on the dissociation of hydrogen in the high frequency discharge and the adsorption of hydrogen by sulphur M.A. 1930
Nicholson, Howard Graves
Harold Graves Nicholson
The new Japan, being a student's survey of general conditions in modern Japanese industry and commerce M.A. 1930
Pearce, Denis W.
Denis W. Pearce
The fractional crystallization of the rare earth double nitrates M.A. 1930
Pollock, Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth Pollock
An illustrative example of the interpenetrating orbits of the normal hydrogen molecule M.A. 1930
Lamb, Wessie Millicent Mitchell
Wessie Millicent Mitchell Lamb
L'education des femmes en France au xviie siecle M.A. 1930
Yeo, Emsley Lewis
Emsley Lewis Yeo
The characterization of Othello and Iago in the light of comparative idiom M.A. 1930
Bewell, Everett Raymond Marketing methods, with a plan for the production and marketing of the British Columbia potato crop M.Sc. 1931
Snesarev, Vladimir Nicolas Dominion experimental farms system M.Sc. 1931
Snesarev, Vladimir Nicolas More correct ratios of the distribution of the three factors of production on poultry, tree-fruit, and dairy farms of British Columbia M.Sc. 1931
Graham, Roy
Roy Graham
The mesoszoic plant bearing formations of Canada M.A.Sc. 1931
Rice, Harington Molesworth Anthony
Harington Molesworth Anthony Rice
A survey of the general and economic geology of the east and south contact of the West Kootenay batholith M.A.Sc. 1931
Anderson, Oscar Elmer The excitation of the arc spectrum of nitrogen M.A. 1931
Beattie, Arthur H.
Arthur H. Beattie
La societe des nations dans la pensee francaise depuis le moyen age jusqu’au dix-neuvieme siecle M.A. 1931
Boyes, Francis Cecil The limits of state responsibility in education, with special reference to British Columbia M.A. 1931
Fisher, Mary Jean The algebraic number realms K ([square root] -2), K ([square root] 5) and K ([square root] -23) M.A. 1931
Fleming, Richard Howell The effect of certain chemicals on germination and dormancy in winter wheat M.A. 1931
Fowler, Frances L. The "activation" of amylase M.A. 1931
Gray, Kenneth Russell
Kenneth Russell Gray
The rearrangement of phenylacetyl chloramine to para-chloracetanilide in a magnetic field M.A. 1931
Hart, Josephine Frances Lavinia The larval stages of Hemigrapsus Oregonensis (Dana) and Lophopanopeus Bellus (Stimpson) M.A. 1931
Jenkins, Ernest Ault
Ernest Ault Jenkins
A study of empire trade M.A. 1931
Kirk, Thomas Downie Le melodrame et le theatre romantique M.A. 1931
Levirs, Franklin P.
Franklin P. Levirs
The British attitude to the Oregon question, 1846 M.A. 1931